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Planet-Based Diets: Restoring the planet for people and nature
As recognized at the UN biodiversity summit, the climate crisis and destruction of nature, both of which are driven significantly by our food system, leave humanity in a state of planetary emergency. The major drivers of emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, are also tied closely to the food system . It is more important than ever to change how we produce and consume food, to bend the curve on the negative impacts of the food system and move from exploiting to restoring nature, to provide everyone with a healthy and sustainable future.

Dietary shifts are a central part of food system transformation. There have been many recent calls for action on diets, but most of these have looked at solutions from a global perspective, even though dietary shifts can only be achieved through local action. The global imperative must be translated into national and sub-national contexts, by understanding the impacts of shifting consumption patterns, on both human and environmental health.

Planet-Based Diets is a new platform from WWF, including a scientific report and Impact & Action Calculator, which explores the potential of dietary shifts in 147 countries. The platform assesses the current impacts of food consumption, at a country level, on both human and environmental health; the extent of change in impacts if consumption changed; and the strategic areas in which dietary shifts can contribute most to bending the curve on the negative impacts of the food system. The Impact & Action Calculator allows the modelling of fully customized diets, with calculated impacts across eight human and environmental health indicators.

Join us for an unwrapping of the key findings, including insights from experts in Forests, Freshwater and Climate & Energy. The webinar will include a demonstration of the Impact & Action Calculator and showcase of the data openly available for all 147 countries.

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Oct 13, 2020 02:30 PM in Paris

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